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Last weekend I was one of 100s of participants of the 2nd annual iMoot (online Moodle conference) event which was hosted and organized by Pukunui Technologies. Most notably the behind the scenes was managed by a tireless Julian Ridden (@Moodleman) and his staff of session moderators and helpers who got each presentation off without (mostly) a hitch and off to the races.

A few takeaways:

  1. This year’s event was bigger and better than ever.  While there is only 1 year to compare, this event is certainly growing and will continue to evolve.
  2. Adobe Connect was the main focus of griping.  I never had an issue with Adobe’s conference tool (across 4 sessions and 4 recorded sessions) but I heard in the conference discussion forums that there seemed to be a lot of issues.  That being said, with any virtual conference technical issues are a certainty.  What I can say is that my personal experience with Connect has always been positive.  The fact that I, and many other conference attendees never experienced the “negative” aspects of Connect is a testament both to the work of the conference organizers and the quality of Adobe’s product.
  3. Great session presenters.  I’m still going back and watching the sessions my own session attendees suggested as “the best”.  There are simply SO MANY.  Here were a few that were suggested to me (if you’re so inclined or want to book mark this for when the session archives are publicly available in the future: Open Desktop (a cool collaborative tool), Open Education (Miles Berry), Big Blue Button (an Adobe Connect alternative), Michelle Moore’s Course Design session, and the Course Creation Panel.
  4. Awesome attendees. In addition to the great sessions I learned a lot and received great support from my session attendees and my fellow attendees.  Where else can you engage in a direct conversation with other Moodlers while the session is live? If there’s one thing that can be said about your “average” iMoot attendee is that sharing is their modus operandi.
  5. No such thing as too much Moodle: when attending a future iMoot, be sure you don’t have anything else scheduled.  I had a hard time managing 2 presentation sessions of my own and juggling the many sessions that caught my eye.  Thank goodness that this conference was on a weekend (mostly) otherwise I would have needed to take vacation days! One thing the iMoot gets right? its non-stop action.

I’m going to continue reviewing some of the sessions I missed (which is a great asset to the iMoot format) and will post some more thoughts and recaps here at Moodlenews.  If you have anything to add as a conference attendee please share it here.

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