I posed a few quick questions to Ali Özgür of PragmaTouch, developers of the mTouch, mTouch+, mTouchU and newest moodlEZ app for mobile devices and got some quick answers.  Below is the exchange below for your information.  Note that moodlEZ is the newest app for iPads which provides a user the ability to upload and manage files to a Moodle site.

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Moodlenews: how much is the app (or is it free)?

Ali:  The app will not be free, I’m sorry. As the vendor of other mobile apps for Moodle I know that Moodlers does not feel comfortable with paying for an app which resides in the ecosystem of a free and open source software. But there is also a traditional saying “We have to look after our kids”. I wish our auxiliary incomes were enough to support a free mobile Moodle app to all moodlers but this is not the case at least for the time being. So the app will be available on the AppStore, once it is approved, for 2.99 USD which is also the same price for our mTouch and mTouch+.

Moodlenews: how, in your opinion, is the file upload process lacking/deficient on the iPad if you aren’t using moodlEZ?

Ali: For example if you access a moodle assignment activity from a traditional iOS browser (Safari and others) and want to add files through Moodle’s filepicker you will see that the “Choose a file” button found in the “Upload A File” view is disabled (this is an iOS limitation) and as a result you will not be able to upload files to Moodle from your iPad. If you use moodlEZ you will not need to use the Moodle’s filepicker, you just navigate to the assignment activity page and moodlEZ will detect that and put an “Upload File” button in the toolbar. By tapping on this button you will be presented another popover view which will display a draft file manager and you will be able to add files (upload) to the assignment activity. Assignments  is just an example, moodlEZ supports all moodle activities having the filepicker and also all users with permissions to upload files is supported.

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