Jason Bedell, who just ran a successful TeachMeet event in Nashville recently posted a great tutorial on how to authenticate users from WordPress Multi User into Moodle.  This means that the most popular open source blogging platform was linked via single sign on (SSO) to the most popular open source learning management system.

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For any school or organization looking to augment their LMS with a fully capable blogging platform, WordPress is a great option (MoodleMonthly is based on WP).

From his post,

I…wanted to implement this but…also required a single-sign on, if possible, between the two so that [I] could have an easier time managing users and it would be less that the kids have to remember. After much research and experimenting, I figured out a solution that works for me.

Here’s a link to the full post where Jason explains how he got these two pieces of software to “play nice” http://jasontbedell.com/how-to-authenticate-users-from-moodle-into-wordpress-mu.

For more information about WPmu, another great open source product for education, visit http://wp.mu/.

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