What students Want from Moodle is not always what Teachers build @sukhwantlota


This is a great graphic/poster from Sukhwant Lota, one of the main Moodlers at Leeds City College in the UK. The comic is a quick over view of what students generally want from any web-based resources (perhaps especially a course resource like Moodle) and what teachers provide more often than not.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Paired with the Moodle Do’s and Don’ts and the @Catspyjamasnz’s Moodle Tool Guide this is another great poster that might make a teacher think twice about uploading a PPT or not spending an extra few minutes focusing on usability and efficiency within their online classroom.

Big thanks to Sukhwant (@sukhwantlota) for creating and sharing this.  Download it or link to it from his original July 2010 post: http://sukhwantlota.blogspot.com/2010/07/moodle-courses-what-teachers-do-what.html


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