Wazmacdotcom (@wazmac), “resources and ideas for innovative schools” [http://www.wazmac.com/] is a site created by Warren McCullough.  While the resources are pulled together with Australian schools in mind, the Wazmac resource site has loads of information for educational and technology resources. They even have a Moodle page which includes a great set of resources for learning about the open source LMS.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

The Moodle-focused resource list includes some quick overview information and follows up with videos, PDFs, documents and blog posts from around the web that provide a well rounded look at the capabilities of Moodle for schools.  Some you’ll find familiar (especially the blog posts and videos from Tomaz Lasic).

A great section pulled together are the “school examples” which link to school sites around the country which gives you a feel for the diversity of Moodle use and aesthetics.  Check out http://somewherehs.moodlehub.com/, an example created by wazmacdotcom.

Find Moodle resources and more at wazmacdotcom.

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