There’s a neat article published over at the Almagest (the Louisiana State University at Shreveport student paper) which gives a precursor to their upcoming student government elections.  As a Moodle using school, all students already have accounts on their Learning Management System, which has opened the doors for a unique possibility (especially for a larger sized institution).

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SGA elections will be held April 5-9. Students will be able to vote on Moodle.

Holding elections and voting on Moodle certainly isn’t a new feature or capability.  The choice activity alone provides a succinct and easy way to poll students quickly (and providing each student one vote only).  Not to mention it’s possible to see voter turn out and it negates the need to tally votes by hand.

I hope to see more schools using Moodle start using this feature which extends the use of Moodle outside the classroom walls (and into the social sphere of the school).

If your school doing anything novel with Moodle that’s not academic in nature?

The article:

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