I’m astounded at the shear number of resources and handy tips that have been accumulating at Moodle.org, here’s a great “top 10” list of the famous (and infamous) myths you often hear about the Learning Management System:

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1 Once Moodle is stable, it will be put under licence. If it were any good, they’d already be charging for it
2 Moodle needs a full time, php developer on your staff- or at least a lot of technical support to run it in house
3 Moodle won’t be compatible with our other systems/software
4 Moodle just doesn’t have the commercial experience we’re looking for
5 You can’t just use Moodle out of the box – the basic Moodle install just isn’t that sophisticated
6 There’s no documentation, training or technical support available – you’re on your own
7 The Total Cost of Ownership is actually higher for Moodle than it would be with a wholly commercial platform
8 Moodle is just no good for an institution as large as mine
9 Moodle is just not designed to cope with my specific group of learners or customers
10 We have all our stuff on *******, it’s just not worth the hassle of switching to Moodle

Some make me grin.  The full list (which has grown) is available at http://docs.moodle.org/en/Top_10_Moodle_Myths with a great “myth buster”-type explanation for each.

What are your favorite resources at Moodle.org?

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