There’s a great post at where contributor Jason B. Jones highlights how he uses Moodle quizzes to engage his students.  He goes on to discuss how it saves him time and energy but also creates more active discussions and class times with his students.

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If you’re using the Moodle quiz (of it you’re considering it’s addition to your Moodle tool belt) this is a great read.

From the post:

But it turns out that quizzes are locally pretty useful.  Students are better prepared when there’s a quiz, and so discussion goes a bit better.  Also, in a literature class, the daily quiz offers a way to make sure they’re keeping up with the reading. Even the fact that I tend to write them easy (survey-level quizzes are plot-only; upper-level quizzes focus on the plot but may include slightly more conceptual questions; at both levels I will sometimes include questions of the form, “what would be a good question here?”) helps, because students don’t get all caught up in worrying about them.

It’s nice to read about Moodle-in-practice.

For more information:

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