Laurie Korte (one of the first Moodlers I ever ‘met’) created MoodleMeet 2+ years ago and is now seeking some community support in light of the changes at  The social network has amassed a great collection of videos, some great discussion threads about Moodle in general (and loads of advanced topics) and has enticed over 1,100 Moodlers to join.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

It’s a great resource for Moodlers seeking information from other Moodlers but it’s in danger of being wiped from the digi-verse without some outside help.  Any suggestions?

More information at

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  1. Jason, You raise a good point. Moodle is useful for discussion forums and sharing information (and is perhaps the best example of a Moodle-based community that provides extensive opportunity to engage both individuals and content). That being said, for many the “walled garden” approach (even if all content is generally open and unrestricted) can pose some hurdles for the novice user. There are a growing number of sites (this one included) that utilize non-Moodle to provide information and community resources ( and both come to mind) as an easier medium. Could Moodlemeet be Moodle-based? I’m certain it could.

    Now to find out if the export from Ning could be translated into a Moodle site easily.


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