THE Journal interviews three technology directors across the US, including Miguel Guhlin (@mguhlin). The piece is titled “How To Get Started with Open Source in K-12” [link].

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It’s a very interesting read that covers much more than Moodle. One of my favorite points is one that Miguel makes about cost savings:

“We’re saving the district tons of money,” Guhlin said. However, while there is cost savings between Blackboard and Moodle, for example–and elimination of the annual recurring licensing fee is a major savings–that is not the whole picture.

“I couldn’t give you an estimate on total savings of all free open source software solutions because we just wouldn’t have implemented the solutions unless they had been free,” he said. “We simply wouldn’t have done anything.”

Do you agree? Do Moodle and other open source software packages provide alternatives to nothing because of high-cost proprietary licensing? (I never thought of it that way).

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