Tech Tip: How to test your Moodle install using JMeter @migheille


Mireille Raad (@migheille) has a post over at that highlights how to test your Moodle for speed using JMeter, a “desktop application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance” [link].  I’m not as technical as Ms. Raad, but if you’re looking for ways to test your Moodle install and create some benchmarks for performance, this is one possible way.

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According to Mireille the post will,

show examples of how to test your moodle install using JMeter.  The example will show how to emulate the following steps:
1. user navigates to site
2. user logins + testing if login successful
3. user views some content like FLV video

The tutorial is easy to follow, concise and descriptive.  So if you’re looking for a holiday weekend project let us know how you fare.

More info:


  1. the link in this article is working


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