Tips and TricksI recently received several emails from the “Using Moodle” course forum “Teaching tips and tricks“. I had forgotten I was subscribed to it and remembered what a great resource it is!

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Mary Cooch (@moodlefairy) is the forum’s moderator and it’s a place to go (within the “Using Moodle” course)  if you have a neat trick or piece of advice that you found works well. Maybe it’s a trick to get things done faster, maybe it’s something that works well to engage students or maybe it’s an “ah-ha” moment you just have to share with others.

Although it’s a great resource, I wish there was more participation (from me as well!). I love learning cool, new tips and tricks and seeing what other teachers around the world are doing creatively with their Moodle courses. I’m going to list a few of the interesting discussions from the “Teaching tips and tricks” forum in hopes that more Moodlers are aware and will stop by while on the “Using Moodle” course.

“Copying content between courses” discussion – An ongoing conversation.

“Sharing resources” – Good ideas from Mary Cooch about using roles.

“Best way to share many links?” discussion – Discussion about the format to use when sharing links. Moodlers offer several different ways to accomplish this.

Some of the older posts may be outdated or solved with new features and newer versions of Moodle. You can sign up for an account on and enroll in the “Using Moodle” course or just stop by and view the forum as a guest.

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