Jeff Cobb of Tagoras (and MissiontoLearn) recently interviewed Jason Cole, COO of Remote-Learner and author of the freely available Using Moodle text book.  The podcast [~15 minutes] is available online here:

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Jason and Jeff discuss the capabilities of Moodle, it’s upsides and downsides, using Moodle for enterprise and selling courses, and the customizations and features that the Moodle community (including Moodle Partners) can provide to a wide array of users.

From the podcast description:

Like so many of the other people I have interviewed, Jason stresses that “putting a learning management system in place is probably the easiest part of the puzzle.” Making good, strategic use of it is the bigger challenge. Jason and I also talk about the upsides and downsides of using open source software as well as his take on what’s coming down the pipe for e-learning – including social learning and personal learning.

A major theme of Jason’s thoughts seemed to be the socialization and personalization of online learning.  A quote from the podcast when asked about what’s coming down the pike of elearning,

I think that there are a couple of things coming down the pike and starting to emerge.  The most obvious is the socialization of elearning.  We’ve moved well beyond the page turning of a SCORM object and…as much as we’ve put online and what we build for other people to explore, most of what we need to know is in other people’s heads.  So enabling people to communicate and connect with each other in a learning environment or in a framework that’s built around learning, to mix that formal and informal instruction: that’s one of those big areas where you’re going to see a lot of development in the next couple of years.

Go listen at:

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