@MoodleDan sent in a link last week with four free Moodle themes.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

EduMoodle – a clean, blue theme with the standard Moodle icon set

Junction – this funky use of color and images will make your Moodle pop off the page.

Pretty Simple – this is one of my favorite themes which accomplishes a stark and spartan layout.  Moodledan mentioned that it was created to be consistent with an existing Joomla theme that a school had already implemented;

Piranah – this theme featuring a cartoon fish might be a great template to show off a nice crisp theme with a great header image or a logo on white background.

Visit http://vl3.co.uk/moodle/ to demo or download the themes.  And don’t forget to thank MoodleDan for the great aesthetics on your site if you use them.

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