Part nine of our Special Summer Series on free hosting services (this is the last one).  As a bonus though there are a few more included in our Hosting matrix, now available at

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Today I’d like to formally introduce Ewedle (“you-del”) which is a side project with my hobby-business partner, Sean Behan (  It provides full Moodle sites based on subdomains of  It’s a straight forward option for getting started with your own site and comes with a quick and easy tutorial that highlights the various tools, icons and introductions to Moodle necessary for novice users.

We currently don’t have a specific plan in mind for “premium” services and we are not aiming to infringe on Moodle’s service mark.  We’re simply looking for another outlet to utilize our technical and Moodle expertise.  You’re welcome to utilize it in any fashion you see fit for as long as our hosting bill stays under control.

In the near future we hope to equip all subdomains with the plug-in enabling access to the Moodle Course Repository previously mentioned on [link].  There may be additional changes in the future as well.

Description: standard Moodle testing grounds
Ads?: no
3rd party plug-ins: no
Mobile-enabled: no
Support: buddy press forums, self-serve and email
Business plan: NA
Limits: large files are frowned upon (server space can be pricey!)
Basic Plan: site with full admin rights

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