Part five of our Special Summer Series on free hosting services.

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This part of the Special Summer Series on hosting highlights a different kind of Moodle hoster in MoodleReader.  We highlighted MoodleReader recently because of its complete utility for teachers managing developmental writing courses.  Literally this module comes with 100s of preset quizzes based on popular young-adult and children’s books that can easily be integrated into your course.  It’s all quite amazing and the list of books continues to grow and grow.

Through a brief exchange with Tom Robb, site admin at,

[ does] sponsor free courses at for any legitimate educational organization.  I’ve recently created a “registration block” that allows the course owners to upload their own student registrations since this is normally a site-admin function in Moodle.  Teachers can select subsets of the quizzes to match the books available locally and tailor the point scheme used — by words, pages or books and assign their own values for these to each quiz that they use.

We now have quizzes for some 900 books and about 50 schools worldwide using the module.

So if you’re teaching developmental or elementary reading and want to use Moodle (either your own or a free hosted solution) consider MoodleReader and the Moodle Graded Reader Module.


Description: Module-centric site for reading
Ads?: no
3rd party plug-ins: Moodle Graded Reader Module
Mobile-enabled: no
Support: local/email
Business plan: university and government supported
Limits: no
Basic Plan: 1 course

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