Part six of our Special Summer Series on free hosting services.

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Today we’re going to talk about one of the most progressive hosting initiatives, e-Socrates, “free Moodle hosting with ethics”.  Though a simple idea, e-Socrates is Italy’s premier hosting community where in exchange for support, hosting and a Moodle classroom of your own you need only share your content with the world.  e-Socrates’ goal is to create a totally open educational platform where learners from any where can peek in and benefit from your educational materials.

A nod to a forefather of the intellectual age, the site says,

…as you may know we strongly believe that knowledge is a whole humanity’s heritage (that’s why we created the community). When you create a course within e-Socrates you always allow website visitors the right to read your contents, you can prevent them from subscribing as students but you can’t prevent them from accessing the material. This is the only “fee” we ask teachers in change of the free hosting service.

Description: Open Educational Community based in Moodle
Ads?: yes
3rd party plug-ins: no
Mobile-enabled: no
Support: community forums (English and Italian)
Business plan: the company behind the hosting service has shut it’s doors but an former member of the company has taken charge of and hosting continues unchanged though new course requests have been temporarily suspended.
Limits: no
Basic Plan: 1 course

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