I presented at iMoot2010 yesterday and had an awesome time.  Like I’ve previously commented, the system and technology (and staff) all came together to provide both presenters and attendees are really, really easy to use system.

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I want to be sure to share my presentation as effectively as possible, so please find my presentation (in it’s entirety, however without audio) embedded below.  This is the presentation description:

Presenter: Joseph Thibault
Content: Moodle is a wonderful tool for administering classes, but how does it work, and how can you leverage it’s weaknesses and strengths to create robust courses and sell them through a Moodle site? This presentation will discuss the issues and benefits of using Moodle for enterprise and how you can easily create great, protected content to be sold to your audience. I’ll be discussing my experience working with two case studies,

  1. asynchronous, certificate programs: I’ve worked for several years on a Moodle that provides professional certifications and continuing professional development to a niche market. Around 100 students have taken and completed the course series in order to receive their certification.
  2. synchronous graduate-level professional development: I’ve also worked to develop and re-develop professional development courses for teachers. These courses are facilitated and incorporate much more student engagement through forums and facilitator feedback for grades.

These cases both successfully use Moodle to sell courses online. The presentation will highlight my experiences with working with Moodle and my advise and lessons learned for those who aim to do the same.

Feel free to share-alike.

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