has recently announced that Moodle + SCORM Cloud, it’s own web hosted service has been certified for SCORM 2004.  Until now Moodle has only supported SCORM1.2 (though steps have been taken to support SCORM 2004).  The third party module is available at no cost and can be installed like other Moodle add-ons and plug-ins.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Easy to follow documentation is available at [link].  Though you will have to sign up for the free trial version to test it out.

For people and companies looking for next level of SCORM capability, SCORM Cloud lets them push Moodle miles forward … in about five minutes.

SCORM is a project of the US Department of Defense and is designed to create a framework for universally plug-able learning content.  SCORM Cloud is a new service from Rustici Software that allows you to host your SCORM content online (and now plug it into other sites like Moodle where it will log student progress and/or grades).  For more information about SCORM Cloud check out this video:


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