That’s a real quote:  And it’s quite possibly a major issue in education as we all embrace technology through LMS-use and the social web.  The observational-tweet, perhaps, is part of a longer story of shifting “instruction” to more engaging materials and resources online; creating an interesting dynamic where even face-to-face classes are optional.

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Many Moodle users of course will know that there are great ways to engage students at home (or in the classroom) through Moodle activities and resources. Case in point is a presentation by Tim Hammill and Allie Arendas of the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit in Pennsylvania. The video presentation (which is about an hour long) was recorded at ET4Online Symposium 2010 (out in California this past July) and highlights how to enhance student engagement through Moodle.

The good stuff starts about 9 minutes in when they start talking about active learning, motivation and how to best connect to students through Moodle.

Click here for the video:  This is the Moodle site used in the presentation:

A few of the tools highlighted/integrated into their Moodle:

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