Months ago Microsoft launched the Office Addin for Moodle which allows teachers (not administrators) to download/edit/upload/revise Microsoft Office files directly to a Moodle course file directory [].  It’s a pretty nifty trick, though one that I am less inclined to use as I build more and more content as web pages, embedded Google Documents and Presentations and HTML based files (negating the force download required for working with MS Office products).

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

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Have you found it useful?

In any event, here’s a nice overview (video ~11 minutes) of the product and what it can do for you in the classroom.  For those posting forms and templates is a great way to share the finished/updated copy with students or to coordinate documents with fellow teachers and staff.

In addition the developers talk about utilizing Sharepoint as the file repository for Moodle (as discussed last week by Alex Pearce (@Alex_Pearce):

Video post from Channel 9 on the Microsoft Developers Network: (note that in the video the developer claims there are 2.8 billion Moodle sites; one day maybe.  I think she was referring total courses, not sites

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