We ran a quick, unscientific poll yesterday to try to figure what the consensus was on the Web 2.0-y-ness of Moodle.  When asked “Is Moodle Web 2.0?” of those that responded:

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51% yes

49% no

Looks like it’s statistically even.

It’s not necessarily important though (as was stated in the comments); making Moodle have the traits of Web 2.0 (either site wide or in an individual classroom space) is possible in the hands of course designer with a little guidance, skill or experience.  Or, the opposite is true of a course used as a file repository.

It’s an interesting conversation that will continue.  Check out the poll and comments at http://lmspulse.com/2010/poll-is-moodle-web-2-0/.

Perhaps the last commenter is right:

A better poll would be “Do you think most facilitators use Moodle effectively or to its maximum potential?”

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  1. Websites and services called “2.0” all rules, not only the admin or the teacher.
    Moodle … 2.0 , no way !!!
    A moodle site is for the institution not for the users.
    Do they know what 2.0 mean ?… I think they don’t.

  2. I would argue that the ability for a user to create content online is the key to Web 2.0
    While many institutions and courses do not allow for student interactivity and choice, Moodle itself has a wide variety of tools for creating a student centered place.
    Of course the institution can control if those features and spaces exist, but all it takes is creating an open/social forum on the front page of a course or turning on messaging to give students a web 2.0 space as part of the institution.
    In fact, I believe the biggest benefit of using Moodle is that it when it creates a shared space for all students to interact (like the virtual hallways which surround the virtual classrooms).


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