This is a pretty neat plug-in for the Moodle Quiz module that allows Music teachers to use Moodle more effectively:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

This question type deals with music intervals. The respondent is given a note and is prompted to enter a second note at a given interval. Answers are entered in a graphical user interface.

More information and a screen shot are available at

For documentation visit

This goes to show the growing flexibility of Moodle for non-traditional uses and it’s ability to support all subjects (including the arts).  Important to know also is that there are 31 alternate question types available through the Plug-in/Module database.  These plug-ins allow Moodlers to extend the quiz module in order to ask more complicated questions.  For a full list of contributed Question Types follow this link:

Here are a few other question types of note:

What’s your favorite question type?

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