Ever wanted to change or check a student grade in Moodle but as you scroll the grade book the students name goes off the screen and it becomes difficult to see who and what grade column you’re looking at?  There’s a mod for that.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Here’s a link to the Moodle.org discussion where Bob Puffer originally posted the screen shots and video link.

This enhancement is one of the products soon to be unveiled at CLAMP‘s 6th Hack-Doc at DePauw (http://www.clamp-it.org/).  If this is just a teaser, I can’t wait to see what else they unveil at the main event.

Here’s a link to the video and a screen shot of how the new Grader Report works (like in Excel it freezes the column and row headers (student names and grade item title) to make scrolling and managing your grade book that much easier.

According to the video the new report is supported in all major browsers and works on both Mac and PC.  Looks great.


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