The OSC Report published online by NCCCS recently is full of great information about Moodle and Blackboard (and LMS use in general).  Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting interesting quotes, facts and figures from their benchmark report,

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Interestingly, the question of Blackboard being better than Moodle or vice-versa seems to be a moot discussion.  In terms of functionality and ease of use (a generally subjective distinction) the report found “no statistically significant differences”,

The OSC Moodle Assessment Report end-of-term survey showed no statistically significant differences in regards to ease of use while the functionality comparison indicated that Moodle had a higher level of instructor and administrator perceived application functionality. [summary page 3]

And a word about migration: Long migrations mean more satisfied users.  During the presentation at the Moot in Austin I saw Jonathon Sweetin give he attributed this to the fact that the longer a migration took the more thorough and slower paced the overall migration was.  Longer time working meant lower stress levels and more realistic migration milestones/deadlines.

The Migration/Upgrade Case Studies revealed a correlation between the length of the migration or upgrade, the hosting option, and the college’s overall level of satisfaction with the process. [summary page 3]

Read more of the reports, download-able at

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