Optivote, an innovative synchronous tool which interfaces with Moodle via some handheld devices, is currently seeking UK-based Moodle using schools to participate in a 36 month pilot study.

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Optivote is a seamless integration of interactive voting devices (also called “rapid response devices” or “clickers”) and the Moodle LMS quiz module.  Using it in a live course, the teacher would create the optivote question or series of questions using the Moodle quiz Module and then display them to student using a projector screen or white board.  Each student in the course would be assigned a “clicker” which would sync their answers to each displayed question into the Moodle.  This integration creates efficient real time reports which can be tracked online in Moodle’s gradebook and pulled later for reference.  It’s similar in function to EasyVoter (highlighted on Moodlenews in late May 2010: http://lmspulse.com/2010/easyvoter/).

According to the site,

Our objective is to work closely with you and your teaching staff to further improve the Optivote For Moodle (OFM) solution. OFM is fully functioning but in order to improve our offering we seek the collaboration of Moodle users willing to use the system on a regular basis and share their experiences, views and requests with our development team…

In return we would like you to agree to engage with us on a monthly basis to give us feedback as to how the system benefits your training or teaching and suggest ways in which it could be improved or expanded to increase its worth to current and future users. You will also be required to run trials of any new features which are developed as a consequence of the Partnership Programme and feedback your opinions.

If you’re a UK school contemplating adoption (or already using Optivote) consider applying for the program.  Deadline for applications is February 2nd, 2011: http://www.optivoteformoodle.co.uk/Default.aspx?Menu=PP.

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  1. Hi there,

    Those guys already released their improved version for using clickers with Moodle, and it supports multiple hardware!! (eIntrunction, Turning Point, H-ITT, blackberries…)

    I hope this info may help..

    Kind regards;



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