Anthony Forth (@anthonyforth) provided an overview of the OU Moodle Mobile project, mLearn at this past UK Moot at ULCC.  He provided us a few helpful links and some guidance as well so that we could comment here on the progress of this additional player in mobile Moodle.

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The mLearn project (this phase) is designed to achieve a few specific goals, to paraphrase the project overview,

  • produce a mobile interface that allows staff and students to connect through a range of  web-enabled mobile devices, including support for the Open University’s structured content system, forums, newsfeeds, etc
  • provide the choice of a standard or mobile interface within an existing theme (currently the OU’s custom theme).
  • provide an opportunity for staff and students to work collaboratively
  • additionally, produce an app, initially for Android and the iPhone, enabling users to store, and synchronise, Moodle content locally in discreet packages or a mixture of online and local content.

More information and updates for the project are available at the official mLearn blog at OU:

It’s interesting to note that OU is already attracting 10,000 mobile users to their sites per month.

Here are a few “screen shots” taken from Anthony’s presentation at Mootuk10:

Android Sample:


Image/Label view:

For more information about the mLearn project at the Open University check out the following links:

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