Recently posted at the Center for Technology – Enhanced Learning blog of the University of Southern Maine ( is a link to a great presentation by Nic Bongers and Shaun Moore, staff at Oakland University in Michigan.  The presentation (available as an archive in Elluminate) covers the “Benefits of Moving to Moodle” as OU learned from experience–transitioning from WebCT to Moodle–recently.

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The presentation is roughly 60 minutes and covers how they evaluated moving to Moodle or upgrading to BlackBoard’s new web LMS, the various factors that contributed to their transition and what they learned.  Shaun and Nic also provide an overview of using Moodle and the various customizations and users they’ve found through slight modifications and integration with the other web services at OU.

According to the presenters they were able to replicate all functions of WebCT and a bit more just by using pieces and modules found through the community.  The only lacking feature (which was added through an available plug-in) was internal email (rectified with the Quickmail block).

The presentation is worthwhile if you’re organization is currently using another LMS or evaluating between another LMS and Moodle.  You may also want to review their comparison study (of Bb, WebCT and Moodle) which covers the features each provides in detail for Instructional Tools, Course Management, Software Administration, and other issues (

Additional documents and information about their decision making process and experience is available at

To access the Elluminate recording/presentation please visit:

It’s valuable to note that OU also uses Moodle as an ePortfolio system, providing all students with their own editable Moodle classroom that they can edit and keep through the year after they graduate.  This provides an easy upload area for all of their homework, resumes and other materials collected digitally.

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  1. I love LMS, I remember back in the days when nobody was giving a cent for the LMS, but now a days is worth it, by the way I am at Teen Challenge


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