Here are some quick notes taken by John Mansel-Pleydell (@theohiobloke) while he attended the keynote presenation by Martin Dougiamas at the Midwest Moot this morning.  Stay up to date with Goshen at #mootusin10.

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Moodle MOOT keynote

#mootusin10 is the twitter hash tag.

People use Moodle in ways he did not plan.
50k registered and verified sites.
85 languages

Martin uses a Mac and Keynote!
50k in user community

2.0 is a new platform
Nice new file picker with googledocs flickr Picasa built in.

Can link to external media or download into Moodle
Can embed YouTube flickr directly in any text area.

Can control where incoming messages are routed

Does jabber chat

Can register external blogs and filter by #tags

Workshops built around peer assessment
New interface with a workflow to show what needs to be done to set it up.

New community block
Search for courses online

90% of Moodlers use only 10% of the features of Moodle

Mobile apps – lots of experimenting going on

New web services enables better integration with the real world.

Moodle 3 is years away and a re-design from the ground up.

Backup and restore are what is holding up release.

Theming is different themes need to be rewritten.

Special thanks to John for sending in his synopsis.

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  1. Am very interested to learn more about Jabber chat.

    I’ve just been having a quick look at the docs and can’t find any obvious details. The chat activity in the Moodle 2.0 preview 4 I have still looks the same as 1.9.x. The only mention of Jabber is in Messaging under My profile settings.

    Does anyone have any more details on this?

  2. Thanks Joseph. I hadn’t noticed that (embarrassingly) 🙂

    My thought at the moment is that Martin is referring to Moodle messaging rather than the chat activity (which is obviously something very different). Does anyone know if I’m right?


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