MoodleTouch ( was submitted today (4/8) to Apple’s App Store by creator Ali Özgür according to the site:

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We have finished testing MoodleTouch (mTouch) and today we submitted the first and the only native IPhone app for Moodle to the AppStore for review.

We hope to be approved and be on the AppStore, ready for sale, within couple of days.

Let’s hope for a speedy and smooth approval.  Note that the MoodleTouch for iPhone and iPod Touch will be available as a paid app in the app store upon review and approval.

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  1. Miguel, thanks for sharing. You’re right that your app may be 1st, but it’s available only for a very narrow population (those users at the Farmer’s Union). I stand by my original assertation that it’s the first native Moodle app available for any user to access any Moodle.

    That being said, you app is very attractive and I would love to learn more about it, is there an english language version?

  2. Hi Miguel,

    We have searched AppStore before we made the assertation that mTouch is the first and the only native Moodle application for IPhone. We saw your application and checked out the description and I’m sorry but your application is just a quiz module and is very highly customized for a narrow population. Being said that actually yor application is not a Moodle application but an application for consuming Farmers Union moodle quiz data.

    My best regards.


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