New mTouch-U video released (mobile app for all platforms)


mTouch-U is a mobile app for all platforms (the “U” stands for “universal”).  According to Ali Ozgur, the 1st stage of development for mTouch-U has been completed (ahead of schedule) and users are invited to try out the feature set at their leisure by directing any mobile browser to

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Please note, not all standard Moodle features are supported.  Here’s a list of the capabilities of the new mTouch-U:

  • Grade Overview and Grade User Report by course support
  • Upcoming Events (Calendar)
  • Breadcrumb based navigation through Menu select
  • Full Chat support
  • Full Glossary support with entry comment display and management
  • Full forum support
  • Groups support for assignments
  • Post/Edit online submission
  • Post/Edit assignment note
  • Attach files to an assignment
  • Display details of a selected assignment
  • Display list of assignments for the selected course
  • Display course topics of a selected course
  • Getting list of enrolled courses

Check out the 5 minute video of mTouch-U in action, or try it yourself: