There’s a slick new module out that might help you get a handle on bugs and issues with your Moodle site (by tapping the inherent QA skills all users possess).  The module is called “Help Desk” and it provides a simple bug and ticket submission and tracker tool for the Moodle administrator team.

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Help desk at (the module was contributed by Jonathan Doane)

After uploading and unzipping the block to my Moodle site, it was a snap to setup.  One thing you may opt to do immediately is to change the role permissions (if you have administrative rights for your Moodle site) to allow all authenticated users to submit tickets (otherwise the help desk block will only be available to Admins by default).  Set “Help Desk Asker” to “Allow” for authenticated users and all users will then be able to submit new tickets.

Even if you’re just using it as a bug and ticket tracker for Administrators the help desk has easy tools to help you assign technical issues to different members of your staff (and to track their progress).

Here’s a view of a submitted ticket and the various tracking and assignment options:

Download the block at

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  1. This module will be really useful for VLE Helpdesk. In the past, I had to programme a php request form, integrating it as a external link in Moodle for monitoring users request.


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