Quick update to the free hosting post I made last week for FreeWebClass. While there is a free trial option/basic hosting available, they’ve put some baseline restrictions on usage, users and storage.

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The free version, which we’ve tried, is available after a quick and easy sign-up. With it you can host,

  • up to 35 users
  • 1 GB disk space
  • 10 GB bandwidth
  • 200MB file upload threshold

While the 35 users is a bit low, it’s obvious that FreeWebClass is positioning their free options for single classroom use and nothing more.  More advanced users/organizations with multiple classrooms may want to seek one of their premium options (especially if you’d like to have automatic backups of your information, which is available on a monthly basis for just 5 dollars; weekly backups are available only with the $15/mo service plan).

No other details, about page or additional information about the service have surfaced yet, but as previously reported there is a direct linkage to longtime free Moodle hosting provider, Ninehub.com (as can be seen on the branding of their paypal site once you select a premium option).

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