The MoodleTouch team announced recently that MoodleTouch for iPad (mTouch+) has been released in the app store.  It’s available to purchase for $2.99 (same as the non-iPad app) and is native (nothing to install at your Moodle site).

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Purchase the app.

We’ve had a chance to try out the MoodleTouch app on the iPad and it is nice.  There are some areas for improvement, but all in all the app provides a unique Moodle experience that is quite a bit different compared to accessing Moodle through the iPad’s web browser.  With it’s own themes and look/feel, the app provides relatively easy access to web pages, forums and resources in Moodle (but sometimes adds an extra click when linking to files or documents).

As a quick and easy way to manage and access several Moodle accounts and sites though this is a great aggregator for Moodling.

Once again, here’s a video to see it in action:

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