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Why is hidden behind login?

The short answer is that is actually not hidden behind a login.  Users can easily click “login as guest” and be transported to nearly any corner of the knowledge base, including the vast forums that have some of the most up to date (but not necessarily organized) content pertaining to new Moodle features, plug-ins, bugs or community projects.

So isn’t really hidden, but often if you link to a resource at the HQ site you’ll hit a digital wall first asking you to login or register.

Here’s a shortcut from Moodle Docs that you can use to help your colleagues or friends bypass that page and get right to the information you’re sharing:

  1. Navigate to any Moodle forum discussion, course or otherwise and copy the URL.
  2. Then just append &username=guest to the URL and share.

Any link that would otherwise lead to the registration/log-in prompt will now lead directly to the final destination.  More info:

And just to use the feature, check out the discussion forum (in the Lounge) where Martin Dougiamas and Mary Cooch helped me find the answer:  Full attribution to Ne Nashev for creating the corresponding docs.

Another tip, if your own Moodle has guest access enabled you can use the same trick to share webpages with unregistered users :).

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