We got an exclusive update from mPage about their development progress.  They’ve just released mPage 1.1 for iOS (which is a free limited edition, meaning that there are additional fees for full additional functionality¹) to the iTunes app store and the changes are both substantial and pretty cool.  The features below are view only, but if you’re just interested in keeping tabs on the course then the free LE version might suffice:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  1. mPage’s forum view
    • displays all discussions in unlimited depth levels,
    • shows counters to trace unread message,
    • has a built-in search engine,
    • supports 4 basic types of Moodle forums.
  2. A new “Inbox” block is added FREE to the Site Blocks page after logging in. The “Inbox” contains News and forums from all enrolled courses.
  3. mPage also supports the followings:
    • most course formats;
    • better calendar events editing interface;
    • displaying a media player icon for multimedia links on internal web page;
    • all standard Moodle user roles and permissions (i.e. Administrator, Course creators, Editing and Non-editing teachers, Students and Guests);
    • Site news and Main Menu;
    • supporting 5 languages (English, French, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese).

Check out the app listing at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mpage/id369809342?mt=8#.  They’re also releasing a new iPad app called mBook which will not be just a magnification of the mPage app, but a total redesign of how the iPad will render Moodle.  Could be a game changer for Moodle on iPad (as it will  be the first released app).

If you’re interested in seeing mPage 1.1 in action, check out the mPage site (http://mpage.hk) which has this great video demonstration: http://mpage.hk/mod/resource/view.php?id=119

As an additional bonus, they’re also working on mPage for Android which I’ve very excited about.

¹mPage will soon offer an InApp purchase tool which will unlock the full forum functionality for $.99 and other free downloadable functionalities.  Future releases of mPage will provide additional paid downloads (check out http://mpage.hk/mod/resource/view.php?id=110 for a full roadmap).

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