Here’s another Moot session highlight by John Mansel-Playdell (@theohiobloke/, this one focused on the open session with Martin Dougiamas.  John described it as the highlight of his first Moot.

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Open session with Martin  at Midwest Moodle MOOT

Asked about html5 he said that Moodle is XHTML strict compliant and they still have to support IE6.

Asked about audio recording  for Moodle for foreign language teachers.
He indicated that they have put in place code in the file picker for audio recording using a third party cloud based app. This gives a button that would record directly into the new file picker. The third party app went out of business and they are looking for alternatives.

All of the core activity modules to be worked on for 2.1 some have issues that have been waiting years in the tracker to be fixed.

Assignment module to be collapsed into one good assignment module.

Asked about quizzes – lots of improvements to the interface.  It started out simple but has become much more complex.

New course settings:
Activity completion e.g. Requiring a certain number of posts in a forum

Activity conditions – restrict availability of activities until a certain condition is met e.g. Activity Y only available when activity X is completed.

Asked if there was going to be the ability to create sub-pages in 2.0 he talked about an add-on course format called flexpage that lets people create multiple sub-pages. (note: not part of 2.0 but cool if used CAREFULLY)

When asked where technology and education were headed with regards to Moodle, Martin pointed to a wide gap between the very loud users from the blogosphere who were well connected and very vocal contrasted with those in developing countries who are just getting connected. The Moodle team is trying to make sure that they consider all the Moodle community as they go forward.

Some Schools in Germany debating the use of computers in schools.

Future use of technology based on mobile devices.

New web services API allows access to the very heart of Moodle.

Roles and permissions are important to him because they free the instructors to open up activities without the fear of them being defaced by “some git” (nice use of an Aussie idiom – look it up on the urban dictionary)

Asked about Integration with other OS projects such as Mahara. Pointed out that a lot of code in ELGG has it’s roots in Moodle. Many open source projects share code. They have been working closely with the folks at Mahara.

Showed off some of the new web services functionality. Web services documentation is part of the system but there are docs available online. Web services give access to the heart of Moodle and as a result there are many extra security settings to reconfigured.

Asked about portable accounts. OpenID is one possibility.

Microsoft has made a [email protected] plug-in.

Asked id Moodle would be good as a file repository for an organization he suggested Alfresco is a good java based file repository.  A lot of other commercial ones.
Moodle was not well suited to being a file repository in his opinion.

Session ended at 2pm

Floyd Saner, the organizer thanked the 200+ people for attending the MOOT in Goshen. Martin Dougiamas now heads to the Moodle MOOT Austin in Texas which begins on August 2nd. You can follow it on Twitter by searching for #mootustx10

See you at the TX Moot!

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