#Moodlewish no more “turn editing on” Moodle vs. the Google Docs’ Form @zaidlearn @moodledan


Yesterday there was a brief conversation about a #Moodlewish in terms of not having to toggle editing on or off.  The conversation was suggesting that there might be a better way to structure the Moodle editing toggle in order to trim the number of page views/re-loads.  Zaid Ali Alsagoff (@zaidlearn) made up a quick [4 min] video that shows how Google Forms (a product of Google Docs) handles editing without page re-loads vs the current Moodle editing process.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

It’s an apt analogy that shows how some Ajax (a programming language) might improve the efficiency of editing within Moodle.

Click here to go straight to the video: http://screenr.com/oYp

What do you think; is this an improvement?