#Moodlewish no more “turn editing on” Moodle vs. the Google Docs’ Form @zaidlearn @moodledan


Yesterday there was a brief conversation about a #Moodlewish in terms of not having to toggle editing on or off.  The conversation was suggesting that there might be a better way to structure the Moodle editing toggle in order to trim the number of page views/re-loads.  Zaid Ali Alsagoff (@zaidlearn) made up a quick [4 min] video that shows how Google Forms (a product of Google Docs) handles editing without page re-loads vs the current Moodle editing process.


It’s an apt analogy that shows how some Ajax (a programming language) might improve the efficiency of editing within Moodle.

Click here to go straight to the video: http://screenr.com/oYp

What do you think; is this an improvement?