Tomaz Lasic posted great description of the Water! course and it’s future cousins at the MEC site (Moodletown Education Centre).  You can find the whole post here:

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My favorite quote from Tomaz’s post is this,

Being a student in something first, where you get to see real examples, get to try and safely muck things up a little with others and just like others, but at the same time SEE and get ideas you could use in your own context is sorely needed in supporting our kids and educators. And not just in using Moodle either…

Now, this is the first taste of Moodle’s new educational demo site. The idea is to have courses like Water! in up to ten broad areas of learning (eg. Arts & Media, Maths, Language, Second Language, Natural Sciences etc). These courses will not go to great depth of content knowledge or technological knowledge (ie Moodle features), both of which often make things hard to understand, but to tickle that area that really makes it all go – pedagogical knowledge.

As was the course competition, this is an entirely new initiative by Moodle HQ to reach out and utilize it’s vast network and community to gather research and statistics on basic Moodle functionality and use.  What will come of this data?  Time will tell.  What’s certain is that Tomaz and the rest of the team at Moodle HQ are taking pointed steps to ensure that they are meeting the needs, reaching the intended audience and achieving the grand goals that Martin set out to earn over a decade ago.

I’m excited to be one of the 1st 40 participants in Water! on the MEC and will share my experiences with the process.


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