Here are some faculty thoughts on the differences between Blackboard/WebCT (the University of Minnesota‘s preceding Learning Management Systemt) and Moodle (download the PDF of interview excerpts here [link]).  The migration will finalize summer 2012 and is lead by the University’s Office of Information Technology.  For more information visit:

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This is my favorite quote:

There’s more fun with Moodle. No doubt. I don’t know why that is.  But Vista? Vista seems like getting a new broom. It’s functional, but it’s really not that much fun. Moodle’s like a motorcycle. Whee. Let’s go for a ride.
-Murray Jensen

Another excellent highlighting of Moodle’s differentiation in terms of engaging even the shyest students through it’s communication tools:

What I really like about the discussion fora that I use in Moodle is that it really encourages a wide variety of students to participate. Some students, as you know, no matter what you do, are not going to talk in class, and I love how some of my shyest students are so eloquent in the CMS. I would have to figure out how to draw out that student who is uncomfortable speaking in front his peers. To me, it creates another way of giving students voice. Some students, no matter what you do, they’re not going to speak in class, and to me that’s fine, as long as they have other avenues to express themselves.
-Walk Jacobs

If you’re interested in getting real feelings and thoughts about Moodle from faculty in an easy to digest format, this is a great document for qualitative anecdotes and thoughts about the LMS.
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