If your interested in the growth of Moodle over time, specifically in regards to the size and complexity of the developed code base then this new set of videos created by David Mudrak using “Gource” (a data visualization tool).  The three videos catalog the growth and development of Moodle’s code base all the way back from 2002 (through present).

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

It’s an interesting reflection on how much work Martin Dougiamas put into the project as the sole developer early on.  Contrasted with the last few seconds of the 3rd video you’ll see the incredible evolution that Moodle has experiences from 1 coder with a small code base to 100s of collaborators working on a huge code base capable of everything we know and love about Moodle.

Check it out and give thanks to the developers who are truly the pillars of the Moodle community.

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