MoodleMonkey ( part of the Leeds City College in the UK recently finished building a course to help explain the importance (and how easy it is) to build courses in Moodle (and really any online LMS) that present materials contextually.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Often, courses built in Moodle are a series of links to various webpages, documents and assignments without any lead-in or framing.  By presenting materials contextually teachers can help students understand what topics will be covered and the general focus, layout and flow of the course materials.  The course is available as a free download for teachers/schools to take for their own staffs and the lessons are easily learned and displayed.

It’s a great resource for any teachers new to Moodle who are looking to increase course quality.

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  1. Indeed, looks like their authentication or URL has changed recently. Sorry for the bad link!

  2. yes. I have notified @Moodlemonkey and asked for an updated link. Unfortunately I do not have control over that access. We’ll see in the future. If I hear back we’ll post it here and give an updated link 😀


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