This past weekend, Moodle social network, MoodleMeet, hit 1000 members on it’s Ning-based community.  MoodleMeet was created in 2007 by Laurie Korte of Northbrook School District in Illinois.  Laurie has implemented Moodle into two different school systems through her work and authored a popular Moodle tutorial and guide (for beginner users) called Moodle Magic: Make it Happen, available at Amazon through FTP Publishing.  After tackling a book and leading a successful Moodle launch she was inspired to find more like-minded Moodlers online.  Thus was born the MoodleMeet.

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MoodleMeet’s purpose was to create a Moodle-focused meeting place online for the sharing of resources, to ask questions of a growing community and to learn.  The community is a great success and is the largest Moodle-focused community of all Ning based sites.

The site is particularly valuable as a resource finding/sharing site where you can not only find answers to questions and Moodle queries but also find collaborators and a trove of free and available resources, tutorials and videos online.  A great information source for any Moodler.

Other Moodle communities of note:

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