Recently the first podcast over at Moodle Mayhem ( was released (it runs about 19 minutes).  This first session features Moodle Mayhem mastermind, Miguel Guhlin being interviewed by Diana Benner at the Texas Distance Learning Association‘s 2010 conference.

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Miguel highlights his hopes for the collaborative community resource site.  He admits that he wanted to create a resource that was more open than a traditional Moodle classroom/site and focused on using Google Apps for Educators after attending a local Google Academy.  The problem with Moodle he said, was that it is often too closed a system for transparent sharing and collaboration (requiring registration and login).

Since it’s creation, the Moodle Mayhem site has grown in activity and currently is building out three parts:

  1. Web page resources (currently a collection of Moodle tutorials/tips/tricks and member biography)
  2. Podcasts
  3. a Email list serve for Moodlers

The email list is currently the most active facet of Moodle Mayhem and offers educators a forum for seeking Moodle advice and sharing information.

One of Miguel’s hopes is that the site will take on a life of it’s own, without his active moderation and will provide new Moodlers a sense of what a course can look like.

Tune into the Moodle Mayhem Podcasts here:


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