#moodle4iphone team looks to #apple for help


From Ignatia Webs (http://ignatiawebs.blogspot.com/2010/03/iphone-on-moodle-update-growing-team.html),

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Dear Apple/iPhone people, we would like your support as well. Please do not misunderstand our humble team, we do not want anything for ourselves. We would however surely be happy if we could get the same mobile learning project out somewhere else in a low resource setting. For we have depleted the Tibotec REACH grant that we won for 2009 (it was funding for one year). So we would surely love to help start up a similar health project or why not a train-the-trainer project through mobile learning in other low resource settings. Such a project does not demand a lot of investment, the application we brought together also works on iPod touch.

If anyone at Apple is listening, this open source team is certainly deserving of assistance in expanding the app’s reach and applicability.


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