With the release of Moodle 2.0 beta preview, we’ll be posting about the new features and changes all week.

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Dan Humpherson (@moodledan) has been testing Moodle2.0’s Preview Release 1 this week and has discovered that Internet Explorer (IE7) doesn’t really like Moodle2 that much (or maybe it’s the other way around):

The good: Moodle 2 as seen on IE8,

The bad and ugly: Moodle 2 on IE7 (and previous versions),

Needless to say, the latter is a bit unbecoming for such a pretty LMS.  Note that tested on Chrome, Firefox and even Safari/Opera things are looking a lot better than how they do on IE7.  So if you’re contemplating testing out Moodle 2, using Firefox or even IE8 will give you less of a headache.

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