The growth and celebrity of Moodle continues with some local news coverage by WSLS in Roanoke, Virgina.  While the report starts with two incorrect facts (Moodle is not part of Google–but can be connected to some Google applications; Moodle has far more than 9 million users world wide–closer to 40 million [stats]) it goes a long way into showing the in roads that Moodle has made in k12 and college across the US.

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The short segment which aired 10/14 showcased the local “event” which brought together teachers from nearly two dozen schools to talk about Moodle use and what it could mean in-terms of cost savings for schools and learning outcomes for students.  Check out the full segment and transcript for more information:

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One administrator near the ends brings up one of the concerns about embracing online education too much.  Fearing the loss of student-teacher connection that is often forged in the face to face classroom.  Is that really an issue?  With the migration of social networks online one might argue that students are already maintaining deeper connections via online environments.

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