Laura Mikowychok (@lmikowychok) just announced an upcoming Moodle User’s Group meeting at Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) in Pennsylvania which is hosted online for free.   This next session will focus on Mobile learning and developing Mobile apps for use in the classroom.  Hope they touch on one of the few apps available for Moodle (  Check out the MUG session description below,

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Join Laura and special guest Dr. Ray Pastore, Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at Watson School of Education, University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) for

Mobile Learning: How to use and develop mobile apps for the classroom
Are you interested in developing mobile apps or having your students develop mobile apps in the classroom? If so, then this presentation is for you! During this presentation we will discuss cases of mobile learning use and demonstrate how to develop mobile apps using Google’s easy-to-use App Inventor tool. This free tool requires no programming and allows you to publish real mobile apps.

The presentation will be followed, as always, by an open Q&A time with Laura for all of your Moodle questions.

For more information or to join the session once live visit

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