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Today I needed to move a whole set of resources from one course to another. Last year we had a ‘Learning to Learn’ course on Moodle that all students followed during tutor time. However, the page grew over the year to a point where there were too many resources so this year we are creating a different course for each year group. So, what I need to do is move all the year 7 resources to a year 7 page, the 8’s to an 8, etc. The ‘import’ feature in course admin can help you do this. This is a nice easy process- you need to be a teacher on the course you are importing to and from and then just follow these steps.

1) Navigate to the course you want the resources to end up on.

2) From the course admin block select ‘import’.

3) Select the course you want to import resources from.

4) Pick the resources/labels/activities you want to import and from the options at the bottom of the page choose if you want to move all the course files and users as well. In general I would imagine you wouldn’t do this.

5) A page will load confirming what you have selected, hit continue and wait. There will be another few continue buttons while Moodle does the work.

And that should be it. You’ll end up back at the course where you started with all the resources you selected now in place.

One thing to watch out for- when migrating resources Moodle places them all in the exact same topic they came from. So, if you import a resource from topic 5 it will be placed on topic 5 on the new course. This applies even if the topic isn’t currently being displayed on the new course. If that’s the case go in to your course settings and display some more on your page and you should find any resource you were expecting to see but don’t.

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  1. Yes – it’s a really useful feature which I used myself last night,ready for new school term. Just one point re importing users -since (I think, Moodle 1.9.5) regular course teachers don’t get to import users for security reasons.

  2. Thanks Mary, I think that is right…

    Also, I think I was wrong about where it places resources if the topic section doesn’t exist. It looks like if trying to import resources and the topic isn’t already displayed on the page it places them in the first topic on the page.


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