We all spend lots of time developing our Moodle homepages and our courses for our students, but often the log in page is the first thing your users see when visiting your site. Have you thought about what they see?

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By default the Moodle log in page just contains the most basic information. The username/password box, and the standard Moodle instructions for logging in to the site. That’s fine, but is it enough? Who are the people that get to that log in page? Is what they find there enough?

From previous posts about the Moodle logs and Google Analytics you can find out who goes there, and where they go from that page. From this information you can make informed decisions about the content.

You can easily modify the instructions that go along with your log in page by going to Users-Authentication-Manage Authentication and add any information you like. You can change the text, add some web links, maybe embed a video. This is the first thing your users see when visiting the site, is it as good as you would like?

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